Person of Interest Pickup Lines

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"Yeah, that’s a gun in my pants. But I’m also really happy to see you.” 
“Let’s go out to Oyster Bay. Where no one will find us for a long, long time.” 
Submitted by mr-finch. 
"I’m like a human USB, baby. I can do it all."
Submitted by mswyrr. 

Anonymous asked: "Guess what Mark, with all that money I have, I went and bought all these toys so you can pleasure me." Snow & Stanton

You’re killing me, smalls Anon. 

Example of an admittedly terrible Stanton pickup line: “I may shoot to kill, but I’d miss you” 

Example of what really really belongs on the kink blog: this. 

"I’m a sucker for surveillance. Would you like to join me?" 
Submitted by eyesofwitt. 
"Are you a secure network? Because I want to get in you." 
"I like how you handle that Italian sausage, maybe next time order in." 
Submitted by Anonymous. (Hey anon, I couldn’t get a scene where Fusco was talking to a female vendor, so…Reese will have to do.) 
"If you think I’m crazy now, wait until we get in the sack." 
“Of course I’m good in bed. How do you think Finch got his limp? ;)” 
Submitted by thepurplejunkie. 
"I like to watch. Do you?"  
Submitted by tinianraven.